Introducing EverCheck Wallet.

Streamlined, digital credentials management for healthcare professionals.

EverCheck Wallet: Your Digital Credentials Portfolio.

Upload, manage, and store your healthcare credentials from your smartphone or desktop.

Keep your licenses, certifications, and more in one place.

Add all of your credentials to EverCheck Wallet once. You can access and update the details anytime from the app.

Share your information with healthcare organizations securely.

Send your information to employers or facilities who need it on record for you to practice. Just swipe and send.

Easily communicate with HR or Medical Staff offices.

If HR or Medical Staff offices need an update or a new license from you, you'll see the request in your Inbox. Just click and submit.

Keep track of your expirables automatically.

Wallet tracks your renewals and expirables automatically. It sends friendly reminders so you don't have to keep track of them yourself.

150+ Million Verifications Performed Each Year.

You’ve worked hard to earn your healthcare credentials. You shouldn't have to work hard to manage them. Here's our promise to you.

Your information is yours and yours alone.

We use industry-standard encryption to keep your data secure, and we never share it with anyone without your permission.

Manage your portfolio your way.

Whether you're a smartphone or a desktop kind of person, EverCheck Wallet works with you how you want, where you want.

We're here when you need us.

There are lots of humans behind the app, and we’re available during normal business hours to chat. Plus, our Help Center is available all the time.