Your healthcare licenses.

Verified and submitted instantly.

Scan, upload, and store your licenses digitally. Share with employers automatically.

How it works

Get access

Once your employer grants access, you’ll create your account using a custom link or access code.

Upload your licenses

Snap a photo or scan and upload your licenses. Or simply enter your e-card number.

Confirm the details

Verify that details like your name and expiration date are correct.

Send it off

Once Wallet verifies your license, we send the details to your employer automatically.

Keep it on hand

Come back to Wallet to access and update your licenses any time.

Get reminders

Stay current on upcoming renewals with reminders from EverCheck Wallet.

150+ Million Verifications Performed Every Year

You’ve worked hard to earn your healthcare credentials. We work hard to give you a simple and secure way to submit them to your employers.

Share your data securely

We share your data with employers securely using industry-standard encryption and the safest web protocols.

Keep your information private

We share your information only with the healthcare organization that requested it.

Access support anytime

Questions? Get answers on demand with EverCheck Wallet’s support center.